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Recuerdo Mezcal wins IWSC Agave Producer of the Year

Recuerdo Mezcal by Mezcales Casa Armando has been awarded the Agave Produce of the Year Trophy at the IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition) Awards Dinner and Industry Celebration on Sept 29 at the Roundhouse, London.

These trophies are recognized by the spirits industry as an assured sign of quality and a great platform for visibility across the trade.

“Recuerdo Mezcal has been the number one sold Mezcal at Mexican Duty Free and one of the leading brands in Mexico for years. We are honored to have received this distinguished recognition by the IWSC. Recuerdo Mezcal is the essence of Oaxaca, its culture, and people. It’s a source of pride to Oaxaca and Mexico, and we are very proud of it as well,” said, Manuel Roman, Mezcales Casa Armando General Manager.

“We are a distillery distinguished for its unique MÉTODO VERDE sustainability program. Our agave is cooked over river rocks with certified pine and oak woods to achieve an environmentally friendly product. Also, Recuerdo Mezcal pioneering agave nursery program cultivates agave from seed, instead of planting the small genetically identical plants called bulbils produced when agave plants bloom. This promotes biodiversity and ensures the health of espadín and other agave species. Alongside partner growers in Oaxaca and local universities, the program grows a variety of agave species and leads the way in research on these iconic plants” said Ana Cardeno, Recuerdo Mezcal Sr. Global Brand Manager.

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