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Henkell Freixenet to focus on brand activations

Henkell Freixenet Global Export will introduce GTR exclusives across its sparkling wine portfolio at the TFWA WE conference in Cannes. The sparkling wine market leader aims to leverage its market position to further grow in the GTR channel.

“As we target further growth in the sparkling wine category, the Henkell Freixenet Group will stronger engage in the GTR channels and showcase our global icon brands such as Freixenet, Henkell and Mionetto. GTR is a strategic focus and a further opportunity to grow brand presence in global markets,” says Sandra Janetzki, Senior Vice President at Henkell Freixenet Global Export.

GTR in particular saw a successful year for the company with a strong bounce back of sales. Across the brand portfolio, GTR grew due to the recovery of existing business and new business with ferries and cruises. Sales at the airports were not yet back to pre-pandemic levels, but the GTR division saw good increases from inflight business, especially in Europe and the US last summer. There were strong sales in the smaller Piccolo bottle format that are very popular.

Overall, Henkell Freixenet has a market share of 27.4% in the sparkling wine category in GTR (IWSR, sparkling wine including champagne) and is the leading company in this category.

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