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Heineken Silver launches in cruise and ferry sectors

Launching now in the global cruise and ferry sector, Heineken Silver is a new lager brewed to 4% ABV, crafted using an ice-cold brewing process at -1°C to create a crisp flavour and subtle finish.

Heineken Silver provides a lighter drinking profile and Heineken believes no other beer has been developed with such a precise focus on the specific needs of its target audience.

Christian Klimpke, Global Account Manager Cruises, Heineken Global Duty Free, explains the rationale for Heineken Silver. “With its refreshing and easy-to-drink taste profile, Heineken Silver is the ideal on-board drink for any occasion. Our research shows rising consumer demand for mindful consumption with accessible, premium and lighter style, lower alcohol drinks – a trend growing at 40% in the last five years, across all age groups and especially notable among Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z drinkers.


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