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  • Wendy Gallagher

Corporación America airports rebound from pandemic

Corporación América Airports reported a 99.3% YoY increase in passenger traffic in July 2022, reaching 78.9% of pre-pandemic levels of July 2019.

Total passenger traffic in July 2022 grew 99.3% compared to the same month of last year, driven by increases across all countries of operations, particularly in Argentina and Italy, supported by a continued recovery in travel demand following the gradual lifting of travel restrictions across all countries of operations. Overall passenger traffic recovered to 78.9% of July 2019 levels, from 77.5% in June, with international and domestic passenger traffic reaching 82.3% and 77.8% of July 2019, respectively.

In Argentina, total passenger traffic continued to recover increasing 261% YoY and reaching 75.8% of July 2019 levels, slightly down from the 77.5% posted in June. International passenger traffic improved to 68.0% of pre-pandemic levels, compared with 64.2% in June, showing a continued recovery since the full re-opening of borders on November 1, 2021 and the lifting of travel requirements. Domestic passenger traffic increased sequentially in absolute terms, reaching 78.7% of July 2019 levels, down from the 83.1% posted in June, due to a particularly strong July 2019.

In Brazil, total passenger traffic increased 27.5% YoY, and reached 84.6% of July 2019 pre-pandemic levels, up from 77.7% recorded in June. Domestic traffic, which accounted for 67% of total traffic, stood above 90% of pre-pandemic levels whereas transit passengers reached 71.2% of July 2019 levels.

Total passenger traffic in Uruguay, where traffic is largely international, increased 212% YoY and reached 65.6% of July 2019 levels, broadly in line with the 65.9% posted in June.

In Ecuador, passenger traffic increased 63.4% YoY reaching 95.8% of July 2019 levels, up from the 89.2% posted in June. International passenger traffic performed well, reaching 95.0% of pre-pandemic levels, supported by routes to Europe, as well as the US and Panama. Domestic passenger traffic improved to 97.3% of July 2019 pre-pandemic levels after the 84.0% recorded in June, when traffic was impacted by flight cancelations due to protests and social unrest in the country.

Currently, Corporacion America operates 53 airports in 6 countries across Latin America and Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Armenia and Italy). In 2021, Corporación América Airports served 35.7 million passengers, or 42.4% of the 84.2 million passengers served in 2019.

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