Florida based distributor Savora Group has signed a deal with UK wines and spirits specialist World of Patria to sell and market their Tofka liqueur brand throughout South America, North America and the Caribbean.

Savora president Carmen Ortega told The Latin America Report, “We are very excited with this new distribution deal as it builds on the success we have had this year with the product in duty free stores in the southern part of Latin America. We now plan to slowly roll the brand out in several targeted domestic markets and we are already talking to a few duty free operators to list the brand in time for the Southern hemisphere high season.”

Success in Brazil, Argentina

Ortega adds, “Even though the economic situation in part of the region hasn’t been great we have seen strong sales in the first half of the year. The brand is proving to be really popular with Brazilian and Argentine travelers and we are confident that we will be able to build on our early success.

“The versality of the brand is proving to be a great selling point. When World of Patria launched the brand, it was very successful as an après ski drink, but we are also seeing nice sales increases in more temperate climates. For example, when it is served cold from the freezer or with ice or mixed with fruit juices, the brand is selling really well. The key is to get the consumer to try it and when they try it, they buy it!

“We have been trying a number of different marketing programs in the London Supply flagship store in Puerto Iguazu and we have been really pleased with the way sales have gone so far this year.”