London Supply’s Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, held a unique tasting experience recently.

Customers were treated to a signature cocktail made with Ungava gin and, keeping the area’s culture in mind, utilizing Yerba mate as the key ingredient.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin ambassador Joshua Groom was on hand to prepare the cocktails. “The response was fantastic. People couldn’t get over the use of mate infused in simple syrup and its use in a cocktail,” he says. “The people loved it.” Groom adds there was “a definite boom in Ungava’s sales during and after the event. This says much about our product considering this demographic seldom drinks gin, specifically the ultra premium type of brand that Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is.”

Ungava is distributed in duty free by Camus Wines and Spirits.

Ungava gin in iguazu